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Interfaces 2023


The right interface for each application

Our LED displays can be equipped with a wide range of interfaces. We continually expand the number of available interfaces. All interfaces are preconfigured in our company according to your specifications.
Your new LED display can be easily integrated into your application on site. 

The following interfaces are currently available to control the LED displays:

- Profibus DP
- Profinet
- Ethernet TCP/IP
- Ethernet IP
- ModBus RTU
- ModBus TCP/IP
- CAN bus
- RS232/RS485
- WiFi
- Radio
- Bluetooth

Additional interfaces and functions:
- Analog (0 ... 20 mA, 0 ... 10 VDC)
- BCD/SPS compatible
- DCF receiver for displaying times
- Timer functions, stopwatch functions
- Interfaces for displaying speeds and pulses (pulse counter)
- Interfaces for displaying temperatures

Our Newcomer 2022/23


LED Matrix Display Profinet
LX1696P6 GI.PN 001

- Modular LED matrix display
- Full color LEDs with excellent luminosity
- Readability even in difficult lighting conditions
- Extremely wide viewing angle
- LED pixel pitch 6 mm,LED Matrix 16 x 96 LEDs
- Display height x width 95 x 576 mm
- Interface Profinet
- 1-2 lines can be displayed
  Character 42 mm, reading distance <20m, 2 lines x 16 characters
  Character 54 mm, reading distance <25m, 1 line x 16 characters
  Character 80 mm, reading distance <40m, 1 line x 12 characters
- Power supply 18-36 VDC, typical consumption 8 W
- Simple open data protocol
- Easy assembly thanks to fastening grooves
- Housing anodized aluminum, front acrylic glass grey reflex-free
- Housing L x H x D 610 x 170 x 80 mm, Weight (approx.) 3.8 kg
- Protection class IP54
- Maintenance-free 

More information in the download area under Applications/Solutions!

Certification DIN ISO 9001: 2015


In 2022 we successfully renewed our ISO 9001:2015 certification. We are now certified until January 2025.

For us quality means reliability and longevity of our products at fair prices. Satisfied customers are the best proof of quality - and for many years we have been working together with most of our customers and partners successfully and at eye level. Since 2009 we have been certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 and are constantly working to further increase our already high quality standard.

Outdoor Soccer Display

04/2022 Our high-quality LED OUTDOOR soccer displays can do more than just display the game time and score. Thanks to our new WEB server applications, text information such as lineups and sponsor information can be displayed at any time before, during and after the game.

- LED Matrix Display
- Digit height Score 50 cm
- Digit height time 50 cm
- Text information/running text in different character heights and colors
- Dimensions: width 200 cm x height 90 cm x depth 10 cm
- Display of the result: until 19:19
- High quality OUTDOOR LEDs
- Housing: anodized aluminum in the color of your choice
- Waterproof Impact resistant windscreen including fastening material
- Control via radio WEBServer application

Integrated Web Server


Did you know that our LED displays series LX can be equipped with a web server?

The control and transfer of the information then takes place very conveniently via a standard web browser. The user can access the web interface / web application from the PC or any mobile device. The installation of a PC operating software is not required.

The LED display is equipped with an Ethernet or WLAN interface and connected to the network.

>> More information <<

LED display for room air monitoring - LX CO2 CHECK


The new LX CO2 CHECK display monitors the CO2 concentration, the temperature and the humidity of the room air. The display lights up green up to a CO2 content of 1,000 ppm. The CO2 indicator lights up yellow from 1,000 ppm and red from 2,000 ppm. The time and date are also displayed alternately. The LX CO2 CHECK is a useful tool for improving well-being and for Corona prevention.
The LX CO2 CHECK is used wherever people meet in closed rooms:

- Offices and meeting rooms
- Public buildings
- Kindergartens, schools and universities
- Production facilities
- Hospitals
- Hotels

The LX CO2 CHECK is a very interesting addition in the area of occupational safety. Extremely bright colored LEDs and character heights of 8 cm ensure increased attention and a minimum readability of about 30 meters.

Detect indoor air quality!

- Monitoring of the CO2 concentration in the room air
- Display of temperature
- Display of the relative humidity
- Display of time and date
- Multi-colored CO2 quality indicator
- Readable up to at least 30 meters
- LED Matrix Display
- Easy construction

Universal measuring display EX 32 / EX 50


The new universal measuring displays of the EX 32 and EX 50 series are compact and robust compact displays equipped with a resistive touch display. They are ideally suited for the visualization of measured values ​​or as timers in production or as position indicators for rotary encoders. The measuring displays are designed as wall devices or in DIN installation devices and are available as IP54 and IP65 variants for use in harsh industrial environments.

- Universal measuring display for use in industrial areas
- Resistive touch display, full color
- Available sizes: 3.2 and 4.3 inch resistive TFT touch display
- Degrees of protection: IP54 / IP65

- Analog display: 1 parameterizable analog input - 0/4… 20 mA
- Analog display: 1 parameterizable analog input - 0… 10 V
- Timer: configurable 1-way, 2-way or 3-way timer
- Pulse counter
- Position display

Weight displays, measurement data displays, clock displays, temperature displays, counting systems, timer, stop watches, position displays (rotary encoder)

Our new LITTLE ONES are here! - LED matrix display LX 12 P6 RGB


Our new alphanumeric LED displays LX 12 P6 complement our previous product series of large alphanumeric displays. With a Housing height of 110 mm, the large displays are ideal for integration in machines and systems. Font heights of 32 mm and 54 mm allow maximum legibility up to approx. 20 meters. Like all of our alphanumeric large displays, our new „little ones“ are equipped with extremely bright, full-color LEDs.

Alphanumeric large displays - control options
RS 232, RS485, Ethernet TCP / IP, CAN bus, ROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus, Bluetooth, DVI, Radio Link, USB, WLAN, BCD, Analog 0..10 V, 4 ... 20 mA, BCD, timer, temperature sensor, clock input ...

Technical specifications
- LED matrix 32 x 32/64/96/128/160 or 192 pixel
- Pixel pitch 6 mm, full color SMD LEDs
- Numbers, characters, bitmaps
- Readable up to 20m
- Robust aluminum housing (IP54)
- Simple protocol for control / operating software
- Dimensions: 258 x 220/410/610/800/1.000/1.200 x 80 mm

Displaying of machine conditions, measurement data, operating data, fault messages, warnings and alarms, text information, target / actual comparison and much more

Thank You for Visiting Us on our booth!

The Motek 2019 is behind us.

We sincerely thank you for taking the time to visit us at our booth.
Thank you for your interest in our products.

We hope the trade fair was interesting for you and you had a successful day.

If you need further information or if you could not attend the trade fair,
we look forward to hearing from you. We are happy to inform you personally
about our current products and new developments.

Motek 7.-10.10 2019, Messe Stuttgart, Stand 5000, Hall 5

On the occasion of the leading trade fair for automation in production
and assembly we invite you to a visit at our stand 5000 hall 5.

We are looking forward to presenting you our latest visualization solutions
at our stand.

We are looking forward to your visit!

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Radar Speed Measuring LED Display - SPEEDOMETER L 105R


• The new radar speedometer L 105 R measures
   reliably and accurately the speed of moving objects.
• 5-digit LED display equipped with extremely bright outdoor LEDs
• Integrated radar measerment
• Robust aluminum housing for outdoor use
• Readability up to 50 meters
• Ready for use in a few moments
• 230 VAC version and battery-powered version available
• The system is suitable for many sports, such as
   football, ice hockey, handball, golf and tennis.
• The system is also used successfully in the industry for speed measurement.


Universal LED Display LX 3264P6 RGB


The new LED Matrix Display LX 3264P6 RGB has been specially designed for industrial use.
The full color LED matrix modules are characterized by extremely bright SMD LEDs.
The very large viewing angle of the LEDs ensures excellent readability over a large field of view.

A variety of different control and interface options ensures a universal usage

RS 232, RS485, Ethernet TCP / IP, CAN bus, PROFIBUS, PROFINET, EtherNet/IP, Modbus,
Bluetooth, DVI, Radio Link, USB, WLAN, BCD, Analog 0..10 V, 4 ... 20 mA, BCD,
timer, temperature sensor, clock input …

Technical specifications

• LED Matrix Display
• LED matrix 32 x 64 pixels, pixel pitch 6 mm
• Full color SMD LEDs
• Numbers, characters, bitmaps
• Readable up to 90m
• Robust aluminum housing (IP54 / IP65)
• Simple protocol for control / operating software also available without any extra costs
• Dimensions 258 x 410 x 80 mm
• Easy installation

Application areas

For displaying machine conditions, measurement data, operating data, fault messages,
warnings and alarms, text information, target / actual comparison and much more

„LightOn Android“ - Android app for operating all LED displays of the Series LXP


LED matrix displays attract the attention of customers and visitors. You want to do without expensive installations and cabling?

The new Android App "LightOn" from Visual Electronic enables the operation of your LED display wirelessly via Bluetooth. Just use our new Android app, e.g. on your existing smartphone or tablet PC. Avoid complicated wiring or connection via WLAN.

The Android app makes it easy to operate the LED Matrix Displays Series LX P via Bluetooth. A simple user interface allows the input and transfer of single-line and multi-line text information to the LED display. The Android app offers the possibility to select up to 8 font colors as well as many different fonts and font sizes. Just enter your text information and send it by clicking on the LED display. Fast, uncomplicated and timely!


Scoreboards for outdoor sports halls - McArena


A McArena is a modern outdoor sports hall for many sports. It combines perfect sports conditions under one roof with innovative features for fun, action and entertainment during your sports session. Characteristic of any McArena is the large roof over the artificial turf pitch, which guarantees optimal conditions in any weather.


Finally there are no more discussions about the score. The visual score of the Visual Electronic shows the time and is equipped with a goal counter for both teams at the same time.